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Arizona Ranked No. 1 State for Identity Theft

Arizona has been ranked the No. 1 state for identity theft with more than 293,000 residents falling victim last year.

...the state's troubles stem from illegal immigration, fraudulent employment, methamphetamine use and the state's lack of enforcement.

From Phoenix Business Journal: Identity theft charges handed down against Tempe woman

Suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested on Fraud Charges

Sheriff's deputies said they've arrested eight suspected illegal immigrants on fraud charges for allegedly using forged documents or stolen identities to get jobs at two amusement parks in metropolitan Phoenix.

From 8 suspected illegal immigrants face fraud charges after raid

Identity Theft in America
Goes Hand and Hand with Illegal Immigration

Seeking access to jobs, credit, and driver’s licenses, many undocumented aliens are using the personal data of real Americans on forged documents. The immigrants’ identity theft has become so pervasive that the need to combat it is "a disturbing front in the war against illegal immigration," according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The top five states in terms of reported identity theft in 2007 all have large immigrant populations - the border states of Arizona, California, and Texas, as well as Florida and Nevada.

People who pilfer legitimate identities in these states are much more likely than in other parts of the country to use them to gain employment unlawfully—the most common reason that illegal aliens steal personal information. In Arizona, for instance, 36 percent of all identity theft is for employment purposes, compared with only 5 percent in Maine, a state with far fewer illegal aliens.

Read Steven Malanga's article in City Journal: Illegal in More Ways than One

Authorities expect ID thieves to target real Social Security numbers

Arizona's identity-theft rate is the highest in the nation. The Phoenix area's identity-theft rate also ranks first compared with other metropolitan areas. Identity theft tied to employment fraud is the main reason the rate is so high in Arizona.

Authorities say a "two-pack" - a green card and a Social Security card - costs as little as $70 on the street. A "three-pack" - a green card, driver's license and Social Security card - goes for $140 to $160.

From The Arizona Republic: New hiring law spurs identity-theft fears

Accused ID thief to cops: Arrest real criminals

A suspected identity thief told police on Tuesday to arrest "real criminals" instead of a "good family man" like himself, court records said.

The records stated [the suspect] racked up $787,000 in loans and has tried to get a job using the victim’s personal information.

[Suspect] also told police he is an illegal immigrant.

From The East Vally Tribune: Accused ID thief to cops: Arrest real criminals



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